Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) is the primary source for professional data archiving solutions worldwide that meet and exceed today’s challenging regulatory demands for secure archival data. Professional solutions provide value to any industry including: Healthcare, Finance, Government, Insurance, Legal, and more.

Ultra Density Optical Storage Solutions

At the heart of all ASTI archival solutions is Ultra Density Optical (UDO™) technology. The regulatory-compliant technology is the first storage solution specifically designed for any application where archived information must remain intact (and permanently unchanged) for greater than 50 years. UDO™ offers true Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) data storage. Data is authenticated then permanently written to the media preventing it from becoming altered or unintentionally destroyed.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Save with green technology! After the data is permanently written on the media, it no longer requires a constant power source to maintain the data. This greatly reduces costs associated with storing archived data for the required lifespan. Additionally, the removable media offers an affordable Disaster Recovery solution. Investment protection is a key aspect of the UDO™ libraries. The highly configurable libraries can be upgraded/expanded at any time right onsite. Invest in today’s requirements and expand for tomorrow’s.